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New Summer Images

Below is a selection of new images taken over the summer months.

Brancaster Staithe
Brancaster Staithe at sunset on the North Norfolk Coast

Derwent Water Lake District
A fantastic sunrise over Derwent Water in the Lake District

Brancaster Staithe at last light on the North Norfolk Coast

Summer greens in the Lake District

Derwent Water at dawn

A vibrant sunset over Cromer Pier on the North Norfolk Coast

Summer Colour at Crummock Water in the Lakes

Castlerigg Stone Circle at dawn

Happisburgh Lighthouse during a long exposure

View over the Solway, Cumbria

Buttermere on a stormy summers morning

Summer colour at Castle Acre near Swaffham, Norfolk

Cromer Pier at sunset on the Norfolk Coast

Illuminated by light in the Lake District

Summer dawn at Derwent Water in the Lake District

Crummock Water, Lake District

Norfolk Barley Field


Summer stream, Cumbria

Castlerigg Stone Circle at first light

Cromer Pier at sunset on the Norfolk Coast

Crummock Water on a summers morning

Stormy skies at Castlerigg Stone Circle

Poppy field in the Norfolk countryside

Two horse riders in a field of wheat at Happisburgh on the Norfolk Coast

Derwent Water at dawn

Castlerigg on a summers morning

Cromer Pier

Lake Buttermere, Cumbria

Thunderstorm near Clippesby
Thunderstorm and straw bale field near Clippesby in Norfolk

The view from Over Owler Tor under a pasing storm in the Peak District

Summer light on the quay at Blakeney

Martello Tower Aldeburgh at last light

A vibrant sunset over the Hope Valley in the Peak District

Dead tree near Snape Maltings

Double rainbow over a freshly harvested field in the Norfolk Countryside

The town of Holt on a summers evening in Norfolk

Boats at Moston on the North Norfolk Coast

Summer heather on the dunes at Winterton-On-Sea, Norfolk Coast

Summer storm in the Norfolk Countryside

Last light on Carhead Rocks in the Peak District

Westleton Heath, Suffolk

Winterton, Norfolk Coast

Looking towards Higger Tor from Over owler Tor in the Peak District

Fishermans huts at Winterton, Norfolk Coast

Fairbrook in the Peak District

Storm captured from Over Owler Tor in the Peak District, Derbyshire

Last light on the dunes at Winterton, Norfolk Coast

Summer Storm

Sunset from Carhead Rocks in the Peak District

Some of the strangest colours I have ever seen as the rain started poring down just before sunset.

Warm evening light on Blakeney Quay, Norfolk Coast

First Light, Curbar Edge

The wonderful view from the top of Curbar Edge in the Peak District

Fairbrook on a summers morning, Peak District

The historic Hunters Fleet on the Norfolk Broads

Lindisfarne Castle

First light on the Heather at Curbar Edge

Mist above the village of Calver, Derbyshire

Cromer Pier at dusk on the Norfolk Coast

Morning light Baslow Edge, Derbyshire

Turf Fen mill at sunset, Norfolk Broads

First Light, Curbar Edge Peak District

A misty sunrise of the dunes at Lindisfarne, Northumberland Coast


New Images

Here are a selection of new images captured in January and February.

2013-7746St Benets Level Drainage Mill on the Norfolk Broads

Southwold, SuffolkTwo surviving beach huts on the dunes at Southwold in Suffolk. In the foreground the remains of a hut that was damaged in the winter storms can be seen.

2013-7346The Scallop sculpture at Aldeburgh on the Suffolk Coast

2013-7521A windy morning on the beach at Southwold

2013-6860Bamford Edge in the Peak District

2013-7552Southwold, Suffolk Coast

2013-6787Rushup Edge in the Peak District at sunrise

2013-6832The Hope Valley, Derbyshire

2013-7663-2A morning stroll on Southwold Beach

_MG_8023Brograve Drainage Mill on the Norfolk Broads

2013-7564Windy morning at Southwold

2013-7723St Benet’s windpump on the Norfolk Broads

2013-7556Southwold Beach

2013-7471Lowestoft North Beach, Suffolk

2013-7545Sunrise on the Suffolk Coast

2013-7733St Benet’s Level Mill

2013-7707Sizewell, Suffolk

2013-6963Burgh Castle, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

2013-6809Misty Dawn

2013-6796Rushup Edge, Peak District

Photographing Britains Only Venomous Snake

_E1C5848aMale Adder

The Adder is the only venomous snake native to Britain. Photographing reptiles such as Adders requires a slow and controlled approach. Adders often bask in the same spots and if disturbed, whilst out shooting landscapes I have almost trod on a few over the years, however I have found they often come back to the same site after a short wait. Finding an area with a clear uncluttered background is key. Here are a few shots from a Male Adder basking in the Peak District.

IMG_6075ssMale Adder basking in the Autumn Sunshine

_E1C5860sMale Adder at eye level

_E1C5837ssaGetting the adder to stick it’s tounge out took some time, but I was happy I manged three of four shots in the end. All shots here were captured with both a 100-400mm lens plus Extension Tubes and a Canon 100mm macro lens.

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Top 12 From 2012

Looking back at 2012 it was certainly a hard year to get out and do as much landscape photography as I would like, especially with our first (and last) child who was born at the end of 2011 . Lot’s of people wrongly assume being a professional landscape photographer photographer you can simply go out and shoot what you want when you want and because of this you can get the best light. The reality is finding time can often be a real challenge. Workshops and commissioned landscape photography left me with probably less than one morning or afternoon a week to get out last year to shoot what I want. So I was certainly more selective with the locations I choose, most being quite close to home.

With commissioned photography shoots I did have the chance to shoot lots of locations I had not shot before. Often with commissioned landscape photography you can be shooting those locations that are less photographic or those locations which are not really shot by many photographers, hence the shortage of material out there and the need for a photographer to be commissioned. Although I must admit I did get the chance to spot one or two really nice locations and I am looking forward to getting back to them for my own photography some time.

The plan for 2013 is certainly to continue being more selective about locations rather than just heading out for the sake of it. I am hoping to get in a few more trips to other locations in the UK this year, if the weather plays ball. And I must remember to shoot more panoramics as they always sell really well, but I am forever leaving the panoramic tripod head at home.

Throughout 2012 I invested in a large format A1 Epson printer which has been a fantastic, albeit expensive to run if you don’t use it lots every day. We also have a family friend who is a picture framer and he trained me up on framing throughout the year and before I know it I had invested in a full framing workshop. This has been great at handling my own orders, especially Christmas which was my busiest yet with framed Print orders. I have also been doing a bit of framing and printing for other photographers I know and will begin offering this service to other photographers over the next month or so. The website is almost built, it just needs a few last finishing touches.

_MG_9992Frosty Edge in the Peak District, UK

_MG_0108Frosty Ramshaw Rocks at First Light, Staffordshire, UK

_MG_0658Tulip Field in the Norfolk Countryside, UK

_MG_0740Standing out in a crowd

untitled-4204Barley At Last Light, Norfolk

_MG_4508-2CroppedSummer Storm at Happisburgh on the Norfolk Coast

_MG_0671More Tulips

2012-9883Autumn On The Norfolk Broads

2012-0007Stanage Edge in the Autumn

2012-0345A frosty dawn at Thetford Forest

2012-0821sssaWinterton on the Norfolk Coast

2012-0927One of the last shots I took in 2012 is Berney Arms on a frosty morning on the Norfolk Broads.

Peak District In Bloom

At this time of the year the Peak District National Park in the UK comes alive with fantastic colours from the blooming heather. Early September is actually my favourite time to photograph the area as the colours are fantastic and there are less tourists around compared to August so it’s easier to park and easier to avoid people getting in your shots. Below are a few taken over the last few years.

Morning light makes the rocks glow a wonderful warm colour on Higger Tor

The Woodlands Valley

Surprise View

Burbage Edge at first light

Mother Cap at dawn

Last Light on Carhead Rocks

Dawn Light on Higger Tor Rocks

Fairbrook at the side of the Snake Pass

The Roaches

Stormy light on Baslow Edge with Curbar Edge in the distance

Morning Glow on Higger Tor

Mother Cap at dawn

Higger Tor sunrise

Owler Tor at first light

Stanage Edge illuminated by the early morning sun


Summer In The Peak District National Park

Well it finally looks like we may get a few days of sunshine so I thought I would share a few summer scenes from The Peak District, UK. The Peak District is packed with so many fantastic photography locations in such a small area and is one of my favourite places to shoot in both the Summer and the Autumn.

The Woodlands Valley, Derbyshire

The Lower slopes of Kinder Scout

The remains of Peveril Castle in the Hope Valley

Cascading falls captured off of Bleaklow a few weeks back

Cotton Grass in bloom on Leash Fen near Chastworth House

Fairbrook running off of Kinder is a fantastic location to visit in the summer, especially on an overcast day

Ancient Bridge and railway cottages at Bakewell

Summer in the Woodlands Valley by the Snake Pass road

Summer Barn

New images from May and June

Here is a small selection of my latest images from May & June 2012.

Field of Barley in the Norfolk Countryside

Wells Next The Sea at sunset on the North Norfolk Coast

Field of summer poppies

Burnham Overy Staithe at sunset on the North Norfolk Coast

Ancient Stone circle in the peak District UK

West Somerton Staithe on the Norfolk Broads

Summer Barley Field at last light

Sunset on the salt marshes of the North Norfolk Coast

Cromer Pier on a dull rainy day

Summer Light

The real peaks of the Peak District

Parkhouse & Chrome Hill are two distinctive hills in the White Peak area of the Peak District National Park,  Derbyshire, UK. Despite its name the Peak District does not really consist of many peaks at all, the countryside is made up more of gritstone edges, high flat bogs such as Kinder & Bleaklow and deep-cut limestone valleys. Lying north of the River Dove, Parkhouse & Chrome Hill do have a distinctive peak shape and both offer outstanding opportunities for photography at all times of the day. I have only ever photographed the area in the Spring & Summer and not yet managed to get there during the winter months, I would imagine it could look fantastic when covered by a blanket of snow.

Parkhouse Hill is definitely worth a climb to capture the morning light illuminating Chrome Hill, this view is known locally as looking along the Dragons Back due to its distinctive shape. The walk can pull on your calves a bit as it’s a steep climb, but the views are fantastic. Below are a few from a previous visit or two.

Froggatt Edge, The Peak District National Park

Froggatt Edge located in the Peak District, Derbyshire, UK is arguably one of the less photographed of the main gritstone edges in the Peak District. This is probably because there is not an easily located large car park at the bottom as is the case with some of the edges, there is certainly a bit more walking involved but in my opinion it is definetley worth exploring. I have only actually photographed the edge twice myself, once in June 2010 and again in January this year. I find the best place to park is at Curbar Edge and the walk along Curbar before it eventually becomes Froggatt Edge, this route offers some fantastic scenery along the way. Head there early to capture the first light hitting the foreground rocks, mist is also extremely common in the below valley and can add some extra interest to the images. Below are a few of my favourites from my only two trips to date.