Photographing Britains Only Venomous Snake

_E1C5848aMale Adder

The Adder is the only venomous snake native to Britain. Photographing reptiles such as Adders requires a slow and controlled approach. Adders often bask in the same spots and if disturbed, whilst out shooting landscapes I have almost trod on a few over the years, however I have found they often come back to the same site after a short wait. Finding an area with a clear uncluttered background is key. Here are a few shots from a Male Adder basking in the Peak District.

IMG_6075ssMale Adder basking in the Autumn Sunshine

_E1C5860sMale Adder at eye level

_E1C5837ssaGetting the adder to stick it’s tounge out took some time, but I was happy I manged three of four shots in the end. All shots here were captured with both a 100-400mm lens plus Extension Tubes and a Canon 100mm macro lens.

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