Backing Up

Not long after I first got into Digital Photography back in 2003 I suffered a hard drive failure and lost a number of pictures. Back then I never backed anything up, however I did learn my lesson. I now make sure everything is backed up over at least two of three different hard drives and make sure some of my main images are aslo kept off site too.

A couple of the shots that I lost I actually had as low res version online from a photography forum.  I was able to copy these so at least I had a low res version. Whilst going through some old files earlier today I stumbled across one of those images so I thought I would post it her. The first image is the one I lost in 2003 and I liked it so much at the time I went back a few times to try to recreate the image. In 2007 I eventually managed an image I was happy with and as it happens, I much prefered the 2nd newer one anyway. The 2nd image has much better stormy and dramatic light where as the original image was prtty flat.  The 2nd image was taken on a Canon 5D mk1 and is of wooden groynes at Hunstanton on the Norfolk Coast.

Untitled-1-HunstantonsHunstanton groynes captured on a Canon 300D back in 2003

_MG_7166-sThe same groynes as above taken at a slightly different time of the year with sun further to the left.


5 thoughts on “Backing Up

  1. STUNNING!!! I also made the same mistake while traveling through Morocco, Spain and Switzerland! Lost all photos from only a few cities, but I learned my lesson and also have 2-3 backups! Look forward to seeing more of your photos since I’m headed there for the next few years! :))))))

  2. A timely reminder. I had to do a reboot from Time Machine yesterday. Backing up is critical! I don’t know what I’d do if I’d lost my work, professional and personal. Love this pic Chris, one of my faves of your’s (although there are many). Didn’t this appear on Suffolk Life too?

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