Autumn On The Norfolk Broads

The Norfolk Broads really comes alive for Photography at this time of the year, with fantastic autumn colours, misty & frosty mornings and the best thing of all is that all the ugly tourist boats have disappeared and it has a wonderful peaceful feel. Below are a few of my favourites taken at this time of the year.

Norfolk Broads Windmill Sunset
Turf Fen mill with a dramatic sunset on the perfectly still River Ant

Berney Arms
Berney Arms rising above the mist filled Halvergate marshes at dawn

Thurne Sunrise
The best sunrise I have ever witnessed was this stormy morning on the River Thurne

Ormesby Broard
A frozen Ormesby Little Broard at dawn

Rainbow at first light on the River Ant

Horsey Windmill
A calm afternoon at Horsey Mill on the Norfolk Broads

Misty Reeds
Reeds at dawn

Turf Fen Sunset
Sunset at Turf Fen on the Norfolk Broads

Berney Arms Dawn
Dawn on the Halvergate marshes captured with a tele-photo lens

St Benet's Windmill Norfolk Broads
St Benet’s Mill at last light on a November afternoon

Horsey Windmill
Horsey Mill

Cows Grazing At Dawn
Grazing at dawn on a misty morning

Brograve Sunset
One of the older mills that still survive is (Brograve) originally built in 1771

Thurne Windmill
A misty dawn start on the River Thurne

Summer Dawn
Sailing boats moored on the River Thurne

Turf Fen Mill
Turf Fen Mill at sunset

Winter Light
St Benet’s mill on a frosty morning at first light

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7 thoughts on “Autumn On The Norfolk Broads

  1. Gorgeous shots! Im thinking about heading to Norfolk next year for a weekend! Id love to visit the places in your images! The windmill in the mist is simply stunning! How do you get the colours in your shots? Is it done at the time or edited after?

    1. Thanks for your comments guys. I am very much a photographer who uses ND Grads to capture the natural colours and must admit I will visit a location time and time again, I will often come away from a location without shooting a single image if the conditions are not right. The one image here which has had the colours adjusted slightly is the third one down, believe it or not the colours on this one have actually been toned down slightly as they were even more saturated for the original, with this shot it was a bizarre morning the colours appeared very quickly from nowhere all about 50 mins before sunrise itself and to this date I have never seen a sunrise or sunset quite like it.

      If you need any location tips for your visit to norfolk just send me a quick email and I will be happy to help.

      All the best

  2. lovely pictures! I love the autumn and winter light in the England. We dont really get autumn here in Perth – the winter and summer just seem to slide into one another without the really definite seasonal character.

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