Autumn Update

Well it’s Autumn already, this year really seems to have flown by. The summer has been really busy with both workshops and commercial work and I have really struggled to do much landscape photography for myself at all. Luckily I have now finished most of the commissions and it felt really good to get out and do a bit of landscape photography in October, now with the shorter winter days I am hoping to make the most of November and December over the coming weeks.

 I had a really good October workshop wise with some fantastic weather for once on both the Peak District and the three day boat workshop. I changed the format of both workshops slightly. For the boat workshop I decided not to head up to Berney Arms Mill, as much as I love this remote location in the previous years when ever we have headed there we have always had rotten weather. I decided to keep the travelling down which made it a much more relaxed weekend. We ended up with perfect conditions photography wise, nice clear nights for star trails, nice light throughout the days and some fantastic stormy sunrises for two mornings in a row. Even I grabbed a quick picture below whilst no one was looking.

 For the Peak District weekend workshop the following week it was again a slightly different format to last years, I made the decision to reduce the numbers on this one and stay in a cottage in the village of Tideswell. Using a cottage in Tideswell would mean we were in a fantastic location to quickly reach excellent areas in both the Dark and the White Peak. The smaller group and the cottage ended up working really well and this is the format I have decided to use for next years workshop with a small group of just three or four photographers.

 Weather wise we couldn’t have asked for more perfect conditions. The first afternoon we met was  a bit overcast, however this ended up working well as we just photographed the nice waterfalls with the autumn colours at Padley Gorge. Day two saw a nice sunrise with a bit of mist on a very cold and windy Mam Tor, the light on Edale and Kinder combined with the Autumn colours made for some fascinating pictures though. Sunset didn’t disappoint either, we headed up to , but walked along the edge until we reached the wonderful autumn trees near the 2nd car park. I have a rule on workshops not to shoot images myself, however the light at sunset was fantastic and even I couldn’t resist two quick shots myself.


Day three saw another fantastic morning, we headed up to Curbar Edge and we were standing above a spectacular cloud inversion, the mist just didn’t budge for hours and there were endless shots to be had here. Eventually we headed back to the cottage for breakfast and a bit of a break before heading back out to the White Peak for an afternoon of shooting picturesque sunny skies and autumn landscapes. Sunset ended up being a strange affair, we were again greeted with a cloud inversion which made for some excellent images initially, but suddenly the cloud thickened a bit too much and called an early halt to the sunset shoot. The final morning we were greeted with light drizzle so I decided to take the group to Chee Dale near Buxton. The overcast light ended up working really well for this location and even though the weather and rain was awful I really liked the shots everyone captured here and am looking forward to heading back in the future to shoot the place myself.  Both the boat workshop and the Peak District group were full of fantastic people and certainly made for two really enjoyable weekends, so much so I am actually looking forward to next years already.

Hopefully the winter will be nice and cold this year as I really want to try to do more photography myself in some of the Peak District and Lake Districts more remote location, especially those on higher ground looking down with fantastic views.



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