The real peaks of the Peak District

Parkhouse & Chrome Hill are two distinctive hills in the White Peak area of the Peak District National Park,  Derbyshire, UK. Despite its name the Peak District does not really consist of many peaks at all, the countryside is made up more of gritstone edges, high flat bogs such as Kinder & Bleaklow and deep-cut limestone valleys. Lying north of the River Dove, Parkhouse & Chrome Hill do have a distinctive peak shape and both offer outstanding opportunities for photography at all times of the day. I have only ever photographed the area in the Spring & Summer and not yet managed to get there during the winter months, I would imagine it could look fantastic when covered by a blanket of snow.

Parkhouse Hill is definitely worth a climb to capture the morning light illuminating Chrome Hill, this view is known locally as looking along the Dragons Back due to its distinctive shape. The walk can pull on your calves a bit as it’s a steep climb, but the views are fantastic. Below are a few from a previous visit or two.


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