Windmill Advent Calendar Days, 16, 17 and 18

I had a few internet connection  problems on Friday, finally back online now. I am only just now getting a chance to add the windmills for Friday, Saturday and today, I have decided to get rid of some of the less photographic mills from a landscape point of view for today and save some of the better ones for the next week.

For Day 16 I have chosen Stanton Mill in Suffolk

Stanton is a postmill originally dating back to 1751, the mill was moved to its current location around 1818. The mill is still in fantastic working condition today and producing flour that is sold locally.

For Day 17 I have chosen Southwold/ Walberswick Mill in Suffolk

This picturesque drainage mill stands besides the River Blyth near Southwold Harbour. I can find very little info on this mill, but it’s well worth a visit for some nice scenic images.

For Day 18 I have chosen Billingford Windmill on the Norfolk Suffolk border

Billingford mill located near diss was built around 1860. The last miller to work the site was Arthur Daines who used windpower until 1956.  Today the mill is in the hands of the Norfolk Windmills Trust. The mill is currently undergoing restoration work and only the stocks are currently attached to the mill.


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