Windmill Advent Calendar Day 14, Brograve Level Drainage Mill

I am really fortunate to live just a few minutes from one of my favourite mills on the Norfolk Broads, Brograve Level Drainage Mill. Brograve is a derelict mill originally built in 1771 to drain water into the Waxham New Cut, the mill last worked in the 1930’s. The mill can be reached from a start point of the nearby restored mill at Horsey, it’s also possible to park at Horsey Gap and follow the footpath through the fields and marshes to the mill.

One of the unique things about Brograve is the wonderful colour of the river in front of the mill, the Waxham New Cut is stained brown because of the rich peat in the area. I personally thing the Mill photographs best from December to March when the reed turns a lovely golden colour and looks fantastic when illuminated by the low winter sun.

Ghostly Remains, this is quite an old shot now, for this image I selected a slow shutter speed to slightly blur two walkers as they passed the footpath.

The derelict state of the mill means stormy weather works particularly well, the light illuminates the front of mill perfectly first thing in the morning and if there is a chance of stormy weather this is the ideal time to head to the mill in the hope of catching a rainbow over it.

At this time of the year it’s also possible to capture the mill as a silhouette at sunset.

This image was taken back in March following a very good overnight hoarfrost.


2 thoughts on “Windmill Advent Calendar Day 14, Brograve Level Drainage Mill

  1. Truly lovely pictures, but then you already know that. Thanks for taking the time to share them. The second one of the five is quietly perfect.

    1. Yes – lovely. Thanks for sharing. Now they’ll all want to come. Our last boxing day walk on Winterton beach felt like being in a wildebeeste
      herd. MORAL – if you find something good – DON’T tell anyone!

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