Windmill Advent Calendar Day 13, Berney Arms

Berney Arms mill built in 1865 is one of the tallest mills built on the Broads. The seven storey mill stands at over 70 feet. What also makes Berney Arms unusual is its remote location, the mill stands on the Halvergate marshes with no road access nearby. The best way to reach the mill is by boat, it is possible to walk over the marshes but this normally takes well over an hour. Berney Arms does have a railway station at what must be one of the remotest stations in the country, this is a request stop only.

Berney Arms Mill rising from the mist


When photographing the area I normally park at Wickerhampton church and then follow the footpath over the marshes.  Windmills photograph particularly well in stormy weather where the white sails really stand out against a dark stormy sky. When shooting the mill previously I have kept an eye out for stormy weather.

Following a forecast for stormy conditions I headed across the marshes to be in position for the stormy clouds. For hours I waited with perfect clear skies, eventually the stormy conditions arrived and I managed a few shots before it chucked it down. Out on the marshes here there really is nowhere to shelter from the elements, after getting absolutely soaked for over an hour I decided it wasnt going to clear so I began walking back to the car. By the time I got back to the car after the long walk, the sun suddenly decided to come out and I was greeted with a fantastic double rainbow whilst cursing myself for not staying put at the mill for a bit longer.

There are a few nearby vantage points around Berney Arms Mill, here I shot with a 400mm lens to capture the sails rising above the morning mist.


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