Windmill Advent Calendar Day 9, Boardmans

Boardmans drainage mill located at How Hill Nature reserve is todays mill. I had a workshop there this afternoon and we were greeted to the fantastic sight of an Otter swimming in front of the mill, I have seen them quite a few times out on the Broads but this is by far the closest i have got to one in the wild. We were lucky enough to watch him swim around for about five mins and at one time he swam just a few meters away from us. Back to the mill, Boardmans is an unusual design as like Clayrack which stands about a hundred yards away, Boardmans is also an open framed timber drainage mill and was built in 1897 by local millwright Dan England from Ludham.

Boardmans Mill at last light

This image was captured by standing on a fallen down tree that spanned the dyke

Boardmans can be a tricky mill to get a good composition of because it stands so close to the water. One of the best ways to shoot the mill is actually from the river by boat, as was the case in the above image.


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