Windmill Advent Calendar Day 7, St Benets Abbey

St Benet’s Abbey Drainage Mill was built into the gatehouse of the former Abbey that stood on the site. The Abbey was once one of the wealthiest Benedictine establishments in the country. The abbey was also the only monastery not to be included in the dissolution by King Henry VIII.

St Benet’s Abbey gatehouse & Mill following and overnight hoarfrost on the Norfolk Broads

A double rainbow during a winter hailstorm

St Benet’s Abbey photographs well at both first light and last light. The Derelict subject definitely suits dark stormy weather but can work equally as well on a bright sunny day. The mill is easily accessed from the River by boat, but it’s also possible to drive right up to the Abbey by approaching from the village of Ludham.

Here the mill & abbey have been photographed at night and illuminated by torchlight


2 thoughts on “Windmill Advent Calendar Day 7, St Benets Abbey

  1. These truly are powerful and amazing! It’s wonderful that you offer the workshops at a reasonable price so that others can have the opportunity to learn to do what you’re doing — and not have to do all of it alone. I wish you great success in those endeavors. Also — congratulations on being “Freshly Pressed.”

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