Windmill Advent Calendar Day 6, Hardley Drainage Mill (Norfolks Leaning Tower of Pisa)

Hardley Drainage Mill was built in 1874 as a four storey red brick tower. The mill is located next to the River Yare near Cantley sugar factory. Hardley Mill is not actually that well known by photographers, mainly because it had been lying in a derelict state for over fifty years. After much work from volunteers the Hardley Windmill Trust was formed and they began restoring the mill. The mills sails were only put back into place in 2009. With the relative new opportunities and due to the mill being situated a bit off the beaten track its a bit of a gem that doesnt really attract any attention from many other photographers. The Mill is best approached from Hardley Staithe  near Loddon where its is a 15-20 min walk to the mill. The Mill photographs well at both sunrise and sunset. One of the distinctive features of Hardley Mill is the lean it has developed over the years.

Hardley Windmill on the Norfolk BroadsHardley mill following light snowfall.




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