Black & White Landscapes

I got asked to supply some Black & White Landscapes to a customer yesterday and after going through my files it amazed me how little I ever convert to black & white. Back in the days of film I had my own Black & White darkroom in a cupboard at my parent’s house and black and white was pretty much all I used to shoot. I have not shot a roll of film since I purchased my first digital SLR the Canon 300d back in 2004.

 Whilst in the Warehouse Express showroom the other day I saw loads of black & White chemicals and paper on display and it got me thinking about how peaceful and enjoyable life in the darkroom was. You can’t beat the feeling of watching a print appear in a tray of chemicals before your very eyes. With the price of a full darkroom kit and film cameras at next to nothing I am often tempted to give it another one last try and shoot a couple of rolls of Ilford B&W. At the same time with the convenience of digital I know I will probably never actually get round to it.

Yesterday morning I spent a few hours going through some files and converting them to B&W in photoshop, here are a few of my efforts.


The Lake District

Derelict Church in Norfolk

Dead Tree in Suffolk

Zig-Zag Groynes on the Norfolk Coast

Hull of the Shipwreaked Boat at Old Hunstanton

Sailing Boats on the Norfolk Broads

Millstones in the Peak District

Rhosydd abandoned slate mine in North Wales

Curbar Edge, Peak District National Park

Lighthouse at Penmon point


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