Summer Landscapes

Ask any landscape photographer their favourite time to be out photographing and inevitably the vast majority will say the golden hours around sunrise & sunset. Yet, with the longer summer days, dawn & dusk take place at rather unsociable hours and some photographers find that there are fewer opportunities to shoot at this time of year. I indeed I know of plenty of landscape photographers who seem to go into hibernation in the summer months. However, a slight change in approach and technique could conjure up some fantastic summer images. Strangely I don’t mind dawn shoots at this time of the year, I know if I head to bed extra early to try and get some decent sleep it just won’t happen so I normally head to bed as normal and catch around 3-4 hours before waking up for sunrise. The light can be very harsh at this time of the year so my shoots often only last around an hour and I can then head home and back to bed to catch up on two or three hours sleep.

The summer offers us photographers the chance to capture lots of new images in our countryside that we may have overlooked in the past. The great thing about the fields in our countryside is that they are constantly changing particularly in the summer months. Fields containing wheat & barley will quickly change from fresh greens to golden crops and finally to straw bales all in a short space of time. The type of crops in a field also changes from year to year meaning the same viewpoint can look different even if you have photographed it before.

 Peak District Heather at first light

Late August is one of my favourite times of the year to photograph the landscape & this is purely down to the fantastic heather in bloom at this time of the year. Whilst there are one or two good locations in Norfolk & Suffolk for shooting Heather it’s the Peak District that I love visiting at this time of the year. I have two workshops to complete later this month up in the Peak District so I am planning on staying up there for at least a week and making a trip out of it, hopefully the weather will be kind to me and I will be able to add some new images to my latest works gallery.

Stanage Edge At First Light


3 thoughts on “Summer Landscapes

  1. This is truly amazing Chris! First picture likes in the desert, looks warm and myst. Last pictures too, brlliant combination of colours. Summer colour, that was great! Is that original colour or you edited it? I cant’ found it in my country. Hopefully someday I can go there. I can’t imagine how beatiful there. Anyway thanks for sharing Chris, it’s very interesting and give me some inspirations.

  2. Hi Al, Thank you for your message, I will have used a polariser on the bottom two with the colours pretty much straight out of the camera and shotting the heather when it was at its best. The top image of the Hay Bales was backlit in heavy mist by the rising sun, for this one I used a telephoto lens to quash the perspective and only show the warmest parts of the mist and sky with the best colour.
    You can see the panoramic version of the top image by going to the following page of my website.

    All the best

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